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1984 Ford F-150 won’t crank after driving a while

I have a 1984 ford f150 pickup truck my problem is that when first crank it up when the truck is cold it cranks fine but after I drive it for a while and try to crank the truck it says nothing but I can crank it from the solenoid switch on the fire wall fender.

I’m thinking I may have a bad lock cylinder switch because when I turn the lock cylinder all the way back my radio will not come on. I called a repair shop and was told I needed to leave my with them so that they can see my problem first hand. Is this true? or they just trying to rip me off? I changed the ignition switch on the sterring column but I’m still having the problem. I’m pretty handy is the lock cylinder easy to change? and is there a video I can view without me taking the sterring column apart. thanks

If it were the lock cylinder wouldn’t it affect cold starting.
I think the shop told exactly the proper way for them to diagnose the problem. If you don’t want it diagnosed and fixed, I bet you can find a shop that will keep installing new parts until they stumble across a cure.

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As @Purebred said, If it were the lock cylinder wouldn’t it affect cold starting.

I don’t know why people think that a mechanic should spend an hour diagnosing someones car and not get paid for their time. Just run this by your boss. I’m sure he/she would love to get an hour of unpaid work out of you.
I did hear though that they only want to keep your car overnight so that they can look for dropped coins under the seats. How do you think that they pay for their Christmas party!!!

You have already found the problem when you were able to jump across the solenoid switch on the fire wall fender.
You most likely have a problem also with the ignition switch/ wiring/fuse, but they are unrelated.


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