Radio, power windows, clock, etc stay on after removing key

My wife drives a 2003 Ford Taurus Wagon and not long ago, taking the key out would immediately turn everything off. Just recently though, when the key is removed, the radio and power windows are still operational. When the driver door is opened, there is a dinging as if the key has not been removed.

My first thought was the ignition lock cylinder went bad so I replaced it. No luck! With the new ignition cylinder in, the car had the same problem except now the car wouldn’t even start. So I swapped the old one back in and am back at square one. Not sure what else to try, any ideas?

Most cars have an ignition lock cylinder and an ignition switch. The lock cylinder is only mechanical and moves the switch. The switch is what does the electrical work…

Isn’t there a relay in the loop also?

Thanks, sounds like I’m gonna try the ignition switch next, only did the lock cylinder so far.