2004 Ford F-150 - Cranks won't start

It stopped while driving. Cranks, but won’t start.

Tow it to a service center. There is nothing more I can tell you with so little information.

My mechanic has 50 years experience. We changed crank case sensor, throttle body, fuel pump filter, checked all fuses and relays. After crank case sensor change, it ran for few seconds, same after throttle body change. He used Ford factory computer showing MAP. We changed that. No help.

But it sounds like he is just throwing parts at the vehicle.

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I completely agree with @VOLVO_V70

This mechanic is using the shotgun approach. Pepper the truck with so many parts, hopefully one of them will stick and fix the problem . . . but it didn’t work and it cost you a lot of money, I’m sure

Has he at least looked at the mass air flow sensor? There are some electrical tests that can be done, even if the engine won’t start and/or stay running

has he verified correct fuel pressure koeo?

Did anybody bother to check if the inertia fuel shut off switch has tripped?

If he didn’t bother checking that . . . your mechanic should consider retiring after 50 years

If it’s tripped and resetting it fixes your problem, I would get your truck out of there and never go back to that same mechanic

If the inertia switch isn’t tripped, you should still make sure the switch is actually working and in good shape. I’ve seen them get hot and melt, which results in the truck shutting off while driving and/or failing to start

But the bottom line is this . . . you can’t afford to keep doing business with this particular mechanic, because his shotgun approach is too costly

Thanks very much for your response.
This mechanic is a friend and he has fixed problems on this 2004 F150 before at such small cost you would never believe.
My truck is parked in my yard.
When it quit on my way from town, I tried to start it but it wouldn’t turn over.
I cleaned the battery terminals and then it would crank but not start.
Because of my stupid mistake with the battery cable, the PCM lost all codes.
We have only spent $40.
He is Ford factory certified.
We used the $10,000 Ford diagnostic computer and all it came up with was the
mass air, no help.