The Jeep is not firing when the Ignition is turned, I have checked the connection of the battery and the spark plug wires appear to be in good working order. Any ideas on what I could do or look for next?

First thing I’d do is pull one of the plugs and see if you’re getting spark. Check by putting the plug in the wire and turning the engine over…and observer that the spark jumping the gap is a good blue spark.

If no spark then…

With the key in the ON position check the voltage across the coil terminals. It should read 12v.

If it doesn’t then the connection to the coil is bad.

If it does…then hook up a engine analyzer or a analog voltmeter to the coil in the following manner…+ on the voltmeter to the - on coil…then - on meter to engine ground.

After meter is hooked up turn the car over and observe the meter/analyzer. You should see the meter jumping every time spark is going to a plug.

If NOT then replace the coil.

If everything checks out then check to make sure you’re getting fuel. 79 is probably NOT fuel injection…try pouring a little gas down the carb…If it starts then you’re gas starved. Actually I’d do this method first.

If everything checks out to this point…then pull the plugs and check compression. If you have compression, spark and gas then it SHOULD start.

Note OP has started a new thread. It is really a 1997 Jeep. I suggest that this tread be considered dead.