1997 jeep cherokee (wrong year on previous post) not starting. please help


The Jeep is not firing when the Ignition is turned, I have checked the connection of the battery and the spark plug wires appear to be in good working order. Any ideas on what I could do or look for next?


Next step is to see if you have spark at the spark plugs. Remove a plug and put the wire back on it. Now in a dim area (shade, garage or night) hold the threads of the plug against the engine block and have someone try to start it. It should show a bright blue spark.

Note: Use a very well insulated tool to hold that plug or you will find out just how strong the spark is in a very personal manner.


You can simply lay the metal portion of the plug on th engine block to check for spark.

Are you getting lots of fuel pressure.

Is the fuel pump priming the system.

Can you hear the pump when you turn the key to the ON position.

What theā€¦??? my keyboard question mark quit!?


Well Gollee
a ballast resistor it might be