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Jeep dies, will not start but will start later

my jeep runs, then dies. will not start. But later on it will start and run. I went over 200 miles then it did it again. I have changed the fuel filter. Also, the jeep will not start even if I prim the carb. Some one told me its a sensor, but check engin light is not on. Thought it was the fuel pump but it will not start being primed so I thought it’s not getting fire. HELP ME as it is a nightmare never knowing when it will stop running.

you have to check to see if it is fuel or fire. to do this, when it stalls out, get out and pull the center lead from the coil to the distributor cap, crank the engine and see if you have spark, (should be blue not yellow) by holding the end of the lead close to the tower on the cap.
Then if it has a carb, take off the air cleaner, and pump the gas peddle once while looking down the throttle barrel. You should see and smell gas.
You need an assistant to do these tests, so dont drive alone. It could be a failing coil, or a failing fuel pump, or something like a loose lead etc.

thank you for your reply. my 1999 jeep does not have a distributor cap (that I can find) nor spark plug wires. the reason i think it is not getting spark is because it will not start when i prim the carb. after awhile, it will start on its own and might go 5 miles to 200 miles without dying. it is a V-6 fuel injection. do you know anything about a sensor in the fly wheel? or a fuel pump relay? it is driving me crazy trying to figure out why it is doing this.

The trouble you are having could be due to the CAS sensor. Since the trouble appears to be an electrical problem there may be an intermittent problem with the power to the ignition system, perhaps in the ignition switch. Since adding extra fuel doesn’t help it does point to a ignition problem. You could place and extra spark plug in one of the plug wires and place it on a good ground point on the engine and see if spark is getting to it while cranking the engine.