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Jeep that won't go

We have a 93 Jeep Cherokee Sport that began shutting off last year. We replaced the engine this year and the first day back on the road it shut off on our daughter while she was driving, like usual. Once it shuts off it takes a while for it to start up again but it doesn’t take long for it to shut off again. We have replaced the battery, the coil, the distributor cap, the ignition module, just to name a few. So far no one knows what is wrong with it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Since it won’t start for a while after it fails this should be pretty easy to diagnose, but unfortunately you’ve done no troubleshooting, you’ve only thrown parts at the problem.

You need, first, to establish what is missing when the engine won’t run. Pull a spark plug wire off a spark plug and crank the engine with the end of the wire resting 1/4 inch from a solid metal ground. Watch for spark. If you see none, the engine won’t run because it has no spark.

If it does have spark try spraying a LITTLE starting fluid into the air intake. If the engine will start then and run for a second or two you’re missing fuel.

You’ll have to help a little with troubleshooting this. Find out if it’s lacking spark or fuel and post back.

What happens when, “…it takes awhile for it to start again…”? Does it crank; but, not start? What?
Tell me that you have put a clean fuel filter on it. Tell me you have checked fuel pressure AS THE ENGINE IS RUNNING.