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1979 Buick Electra Limited

Does anyone know anything about this model? Strengths? Weak areas?

I appreciate your insight, knowledge, experiences. Thanks!

What engine?

This will have most every option available at the time, each of which might break down. This is also just past the low point on pollution controls, so expect limited power and not so great drivability plus poor to fair fuel economy. It is the downsized version, which makes it better for economy, not so distinctive…just an old car, so don’t over pay.

Sure. It is currently 30 years old, built in the medieval period of emissions control where big V8s were de-tuned to reduce emissions, and lots of gear, like air pumps, were added to help clean up what was left over. After all this time, reliability is questionable. This is long past the time for the little things to start to break, and cause never-ending headaches. This is also a huge boat of a car, very heavy, and may be awkward to navigate in tight parking lots. The creature comfot feratures are also 30 years old, and probably otally unreliable.

Maintained correctly, they’re fine but at 30 years old it’s anyone’s guess on this particular one.
It should have either a 350 or an Olds 403 in it. Both are good engines although a bit detuned due to the times.