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305 Buick Engine -- Solid?

Anyone know anything about this engine? It is in a 1979 Buick Electra. Just wondering if it is a strong engine/dependable. The motor is original and has 118K. Thanks

Yeah, they are just a Chevy 305. Not exactly a fireball, not exactly a fuel miser, but certainly reliable.

Sure it’s a 305? I don’t think the 305 was used in the larger Buicks. The Electra should be a 350 or 403.
Either way, they’re all good engines and maintained properly and should have no problem making 300-400k miles.

Yes, I think the dealer misspoke. It must be a Buick 350 engine.

I think the biggest weakness (if showing the effects from poor maintiance is a weakness) is in the camshaft,they go flat,we used to call them "McDonalds Cams,you know “ground round”,saw this more in small-blocks.