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Which car?

Narrowed my choices down for a “fun” older car … by fun I mean one I can drive on the weekends, enjoy a smooth cruising highway ride, and admire the styling of old. Here are the choices:

1979 Buick Electra Limited, 1985 Cadillac Seville, 1991 Chevrolet Caprice, 1971 Pontiac Bonneville

Any preference? Reasons for choice? Thanks for your time and help!

I think that I’d go for the Bonneville. But this is really what I like:

Find a 1971 Riviera.

The 1979 is Malaise Era detriot pig with a smog-strangled engine and horrendous build quality. As for the Caddy, strike 1 : it’s front wheel drive, strike two, it has alluminun 4.1 V8 (your mechanic will love you) or even worse, the vaunted Oldsmobile diesel. Strike 3 everyone will think that you are a pimp that has fallen on hard times. The Caprice will be the best bet for reliability. But if you want a Caprice of that era get a 1994-96 SS model with the LT1. The Bonnie is probably the coolest one of the bunch, but again the year you’re looking just also happens to be the year they started with the smog-strangled engine.

If you’re look for a fun fullsized car. Consider the 92-94 Impala SS , The 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder, The 1985-1987 Buick Grand National or T-Type. The 1989-1995 Ford T-Bird Super Coupe (I had a 1992, great car), or 1985-1987 Monte Carlo SS, or the Lincoln Mk VII or MkVIII.

This is a personal decision. You have to life with, and drive, the car you choose. Why does it matter what we think?

Which car do you like best?

Buy it!

I’d take the '71 Bonneville, just for the minimal emissions controls on the engine. 1979 was not a good time for cars. Skip the Electra, although I understand the attraction. The '85 Seville is probably OK. I’d want to know more about the seatbelts on the '91 Caprice.

But that’s MY opinion. YOU should decide, and don’t worry for a second what anyone else thinks. Pick the car you like best. You’re going to lose money no matter what you do, so it really doesn’t matter.

Thanks for all the responses. I like all these cars, but I guess I really would like to find a nice Buick. Not sure if the 79 is the model. I really like the 71 Electra, but it is huge, and it is difficult to find a nice model. I like the look of the 85 Seville, but I know about the engine issue. I do like the Rivieras from 71-73 and then from 83-85. I could look at those. I also like the 1970 Bonnevilles, but they are huge as well … though when I was young I thought they and the 71 Electras were the most elegant cars I had ever seen. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with me. I appreciate it!

Is the Caprice an SS? That is a cool car as is the 71 Bonneville. As others have said, its what ever trips YOUR trigger. Whatever you choose, get a complete a car as you can find. You will have lest headaches and cost in the long run. A higher price up front can save you much more down the line.