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Buick Electra Cruiser - narrow down years to buy

I’m hoping to buy a 1970-1976 Electra 225 Limited or Landau (whatever the top model for that year might be). This car is for sentimental (childhood) memories plus I think these are beautiful cars. Sunday afternoon cruises, maybe a car show, wash and wax and remember the days driving one of these was a joy and privilege. If you are a Buick fan and have suggestions on a particular year to pursue, I’m open. I’ve had a 1970 model. These are plentiful for some reason. That would probably be my last choice if other options are available. I have wanted a 71 but very hard to find. Lately, I’ve considered a 73 and am warming up quickly to the 75.
Thanks for your time and for allowing me to share.

Have you posted this on the various Buick Electra forums? You’ll get much more response there from current and past owners.

My opinion, look at all '70-'76 in your area, buy the nicest one you can afford.

I attend a lot of car shows and I can’t remember ever seeing this type of Buick at one. I not even sure if this vintage has been a day one vehicle at Mecum actions.
I think your course of action should be to contact as many classic dealers near you and let them know what you are looking for. Also web search for Buick clubs and forums.
I have vehicles that I have good memories of but I also realize they may not of been as good as I remember and you can’t go back.

The 1970 is the last of that generation, and has a high compression 455 ci engine. The 1971 retains the 455 but dropped the compression to 8.5:1 to allow for regular unleaded fuel. There is a big drop in power with that compression change, but if you are into oozing down the street, that might not matter. Watch out for 1976 examples with the 350 ci engine. Production of the 455 was stopped during a strike and they used 350s to continue production. Power dropped continuously during that generation as more pollution equipment was added.


I personally like the small bumpers used on the 70 and 71. The later 5 mph battering rams look ungainly to me. I’d choose a high compression 70 455 all day long!

OP, have you read up on the different years?

Looks like the '71 HVAC was troublesome, fixed with the '72. Note the hp drop from '71 to '72 resulted from the shift to net from gross hp.

I also don’t like the '73 - '76 battering ram bumpers. So I’d be looking at the '70 for better hp, or the '72.

Any thoughts on the 69 Electra? I’m on and off about the styling, but these models are fairly common on classic car sites. I have always wanted a 71, but they are very very hard to find. Thanks for all the responses.

Why not a '72?

My girlfriend’s mom drove a new 1971 four door hardtop. I didn’t care for the triple green color but it was a pretty nice car.

Had a 72 4 door hardtop. Loved it but it rusted out under the vinyl roof.

I’m not a fan of the grille nor tail light treatment. Those are my only issues.

Meaning on the 72

The 70 is going to be the best running with the least smog controls, the 71 the next best. I personally would not buy any post 71 car until the year the car came with fuel injection. The 72 and later carbs were a nightmare.

I’ll keep looking and thank you