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1975 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible

My neighbor is a new car dealer and just traded for a very nice white on white Grand Ville with 63K miles. It is all original including paint and top. Everything works. He called me to check it out. Never considered one of these Pontiacs before, and I don’t own a 70’s model anything - mainly 80’s and early 90’s. Does anyone have experience with this model and can share thoughts? experiences? issues? This car has the 400 engine. Thanks

Sweet ride.

But those of us who owned cars in that era remember that
they required a lot more maintenace (tuneups, lube jobs, that sort of stuff)
they lacked operating technology (drum brakes, fussy carbs, vapor lock and gas line freezeup were not unheard of)
they lacked many of today’s safety features.

Death in accidents was a lot more common.

The good news: the high end ones came with 8-track tape players…

In short, it’s a sweet ride, but there’s no way I’d want one as a family car. Technology has brought today’s cars to levels of reliability and safety not even dreamed of in '75.

Thank you so much for your input!

Cars from 1972 to 1980 had such poorly designed emissions controls, and carbs that they were trying to make work with them, that they had low power ,high gas consumption, and poor drivability . They sometimes stalled several times until you got them warmed up.

If what you want is a Sunday ride, go for it. The 70’s were an era of cars that ran remarkably poorly as pollution controls became more strict and no one had invented the cheap, mass produced computer chip. As a machine it leaves a lot to be desired, but as a ride to the ice cream store on a warm evening, it can’t be beat.

You won’t have any problems with that car that can’t be fixed easily. It has disc brakes on the front. The carb is simple and is not a feedback carburetor. There is also some room inside. You may need new rear coil springs. We drove those cars without fear and a CD player will go in there with no problems.