1974 Datsun 710 Windshield Molding Clips


I have a Datsun 710 Year 1974 amongst my stash of cars and other toys

The thread make and model ID tool does not have “Datsun” amongst its options, much less “710” as model Used “Nissan” as closest brand name, no luck with anything close to 710

I got my Datsun painted Rust repair happened around rear glass and windshield

Car ready for the motor Installing a Mazda Rotary 13B naturally aspirated Love those motors A blast Sounds like a 2 stroke motor fun !

Well The issue at hand is related to the front and rear glass These glasses go in place affixed by glue, as in modern cars Other older cars used rubber weatherstripping instead of glue

My 710 's front and rear glass is affixed with glue / rubber cement used for car glass and to cover the area around the glass and glass frame this car uses stainless steel molding as in older classic cars Modern cars use some plastic piece that frames the glass

These moldings are affixed to car through the use of “molding clips” windshield as well as rear glass molding clips

Having a hard time finding these clips Upon removing both glasses for rust repair those original clips disintegrated Need to find these clips but so far no Nissan-Datsun dealer nor parts business has them

Anybody dealt with similar issues ? I was told perhaps other clips from other classic cars would be similar

Or else, any other solutions ?

I do appreciate any information or ideas



My Datsun before painting

Molding clip

Before painting

My truck of similar vintage uses a windshield moulding clip. I’ve never had to replace the windshield as a diy’er project so never had to deal with the clips myself. I think if I had your problem and googling didn’t turn up anything I’d go to a bookstore that sold a lot of classic auto restoration magazines, and look through those for ones specializing in Japanese car restorations. Phone up some of those advertisers, and they may be able to give you some vendor sources. Also google “Datsun (or Nissan) restoration clubs” for your area.

Those things actually look pretty common. Try taking a look at the Help rack at a NAPA. Otherwise maybe check with an auto glass shop to see if they can source or sell you some.


search for Windshield Reveal Molding Clip

This is a perfect use for a 3-D printer. Some public libraries have them; some clubs and other private organizations have them; some businesses have them. There are free libraries of designs. Finding one ready-made at a store is cheaper. I searched ‘windshield molding clips datsun’ on ebay and found a lot of stuff, some as old as 1974.

Hi Thanks for the comments

On e bay there are adds for clips But nine are for a Datsun 710 year 74

The clip is size and shape specific It is not a universal piece I already tried looking for it Reason why I am asking here

If anyone finds these clips specific for a Datsun 710 year 1974 please let me know Or else what does a restorer do when in this situation ?


Again I think your best shot at this point is to just stop at a glass installer and see what they say. They have to run into this all the time. They never had any problem with my cars which were not exactly brand new.

This guy claims his clips fit all Datsun from 1970 to 1979

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Been to several that Iwas told would have knowledge of this issue

As soon as I say “Datsun” they want me out as if I were the plaque lol

Most shops have young guys around who probably ever heard of windshield molding

I am sure a person with knowledge would know

That is the hard part Finding that person

Nissan USA, Nissan Japan, Nissan Oz have non of this parts

At some point in the last 15 years Nissan decided to rid itself of old stock

Bad move They should had kept a division for classic parts But I guess the ew way is disposable plastic cars and car Comoanues do not seepgide in their older vehicles good condition

Somewhere in the planet I am sure there is a stash of these parts

That guy only shows US made cars

Wrote to him Let’s see if there is any luck