1972 VW Beetle

Hello! I have a 1972 VW Beetle and she has been doing great but unfortunately I just realized that I don’t have reverse lights. Any suggestions? I also have this problem in that when I have my low beams on the left light works well and the right isn’t quite as strong and then on the high beams the right doesn’t work at all and the left works very well! Any other suggestions?

These may be two separate problems. The headlight problem may be a defective chassis ground for the right headlight. Of the three wires going to the headlight, one wire is connected to the body of the car. Make certain that this connection is free of corrosion.

The reverse lights may be a defective switch, a defective fuse or bad sockets. With the key on, put the car in reverse and use a test light to see if there is power getting to the socket. If not, trace back to the switch if the fuse is o.k.

The bulbs for the back up lights may be burned out. With your headlights, find the ground wire and clean have it cleaned up at the screw down.

I too have installed a massive number of bulbs. I have found no definitive answers as to why. I’m an engineer, my skin never touches the new bulbs, I see no evidence of water leaks, etc.