Dim headlight

driver side headlight normal— right side dim as lighted by candle

Bulb is ok, wiring seems ok also.

Can I just disconnect and run new wires from driver side headlight to left headlight?

I would bet that the connection between the right side headlight and the chassis (the ground) is defective. Check the leads from the right headlight and see if you see where one of the leads connects to the body of the car. Clean this connection and you may be good to go.

Yea, I agree, that describes a bad ground very well.  There are other possibilities, but start with the ground.

Use a volt meter to see if the HOT wire has the 12 volts required. Then try a temporary ground as suggested earlier. A contact cleaner spray into the connector wouldn’t hurt.

If the vehicle doesn’t have daylight running lights then the high and low beams have a seperate ground lead. If both the high and low beams are low in intensity then I would say the power connection at the bulb is the most likely suspect since the share a common power connection. The connections in the socket often go bad and you may need to replace the bulb socket.

According to my wiring guide, the ground is common, and it has separate power leads for high beam and low beam.

the problem was the corroded headlight socket—many thanx to all