2001 VW Both Headlights Out




Both low beam headlights are out.

High beams work.

Fuses are good.

Switch is good.

Checked all the relays and they are all good (wasn’t sure which one was for the headlights).

Not sure what else to check???

Thank you.


Remove the connector from the headlights. Turn the headlights on.

Using a voltmeter, ground one lead to the chassis or battery negative terminal and probe the headlight connector.

Did you see battery voltage at any of the terminals? If so, you have a bad ground. That’s one thing that will prevent the lights from working when everything else checks out.


No , the switch is not good .
This is a common failure in VWs .
The switch is very easy to replace BUT make sure you get one made in Europe . The Chinese junk ain’t worth it . A good quality switch will run about $150 or less , the Chinese about half that . I had two Chines switches before I got sensible .