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1969 Chevy Sportsvan

OK - back in grad school my husband and I bought a 1969 Chevy sportsvan for $200 and gave up our apartment-lease to sleep in it for about a month and a half along with my cat. We had good memories of the van - including my cat dropping a mouse on my head one morning (a gesture of kitty-love.) But many years later we have settled in a charming house, the cat now leaves less flattering “gifts” around the house and we need to sell the van. Where should I look on the internet to sell this classic???

Reject the Internet and use the skills you learned sleeping in that van,talk to people.

Really automobiles must be more than just old to be considered a “classic”

While its status as a “classic” is doubtful, the best place to post an ad for a vehicle of this age is Hemmings Motor News.

Thank you for this information. I am sorry to have mis-used “classic” - my bad.

It was a classic step away from the Metros and other step vans that were the first hippie vehicles along with the VW bus. Your old van could be a great reserve vehicle because all modifications are legal by default. (No police officer in his right mind would bother you) You can buy your parts cheaply from JC Whitney, except the cast iron gooseneck which is best to get at NAPA. You can sell it locally in any of the publications that take ads for cars, except a newspaper. Nobody buys anything from them.