1966 chevy fleetside back up light location

im looking into putting a set back up lights in my 66 chevy fleetside. Can somebody tell me the distance between the bezel of tailight and backup light bezel is. From what i found is at the dealer when 60-66 were ordered they would install them. they had a template they used.

Or they just drilled them randomly wherever the mechanic thought was close enough.

You might enjoy this page. http://www.persh.org/pickup/BackupLights.htm

Thanks for info Barkydog. I came across that, thats where i saw they use to use a template for hole location. it doesnt give any dimensions.

Only be by extreme good luck to find a template. If mine, I would draw a vertical line from the tail light screws down. The use the diameter of the backup light times two. Centerpunch the hole at that measurement.
Or go to a lot of car shows and hope to find one you could measure.

See here: http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=637249

Scaled PDF and dimensioned drawings are on page 2.
I downloaded them and they look just like what you need…

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This probably isn’t exactly what the OP is looking for, but fyi … info link from LMC Truck on backup lights for 60-66 Chevy Fleetsides.


Thats exactly how im planning to go about it. I dont think ill have a problem beiing on center. the distance between tailight and back up light is what im not sure were it should be. looking at pictures on internet looks like its around an inch but hard to tell from a picture. im hoping i can find someone or like you said i can find one at a car show with one so i can get some kind of measurement thanks for info

That’s the same image in the link I provided. In addition, another poster in that same thread provided a dimensioned drawing from which to make your own physical template. You can lead someone to the template but you can’t make them acknowledge or use it… :wink:

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I tried your link, gave up trying to get to the actual template.

Not sure what was the difficulty. I just went back there and found it on page 2 as indicated. It’s this post in that thread-

All I did was click on the attachment and save the file…

i pulled up template, thanks it_s Me . it is to scale .

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