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Lighting the path less taken (off road lighting question)

Here’s the thing. I’m wanting to add some off road lights to my truck for use around my land. I was looking into different styles of lights and light bars for my 1999 Ford F-150 4x4 and I haven’t found any that I like. I want to keep it more of a “low profile” look, not bashing the owners of the big roll bars with K.C. style lights but I want something different. Here’s where my question get’s interesting. I passed a hiway patrol SUV the other day that had someone pulled over and noticed how bright his(or her) spot lights (take down lights) were on the light bar and it got me to thinking… I believe they call the lights on the side of the light bar the Alley Lights and spot lights in the middle-front of the light bar the Take Down Lights. Thats something I would love to have on my off road truck! enter the question: Would it be legal to purchase or build a low profile light bar like those of the police as long as they DO NOT have the flashing blue and red emergency lights?

I have done some competive off-road racing (Mint 400,Parker 400,Mexacali 250 all in the late 70’s in class 2 buggies)

For a pickup you want to make sure the light from your lights (whatever you select)do not bounce off your hood and blind you.The lights all across a "roll bar’ type of set-up will do just this.Lights low and at the front of the vehicle worked the best for me,and more is not better.

My advice is how to see and go fast off-road,now to look good that’s up to you.

You can have a light bar. Magazines are a good way to find out what is available.

I’d suggest a couple of the Cibie Super Oscar’s above the bumper. They provide intense, focused light for driving, unlike most clear lamps sold in your local auto store. Here’s a guy who knows his stuff and can help you decide:

Why not use a hand-held “deer spotter” light that plugs into your DC outlet?

I agree that 2 at the front of the vehicle would be better than the roll bar type. If you have a brush guard on the front, this would be the perfect place to mount the lights.
they have 'em for 97-05 F-150s