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Buick Tail Light, Back Up Light, or Turn Signal?

I’ve been looking at Buicks lately, as a good friend has only driven LeSabres/Park Avenues over the last 15 years. I rode with him in the Park Avenue, yuck, too soft for me. Of the current Buicks, I like the Opel/Regal. My question is about the even softer ride old Bucks, @ 1968 - 73? To the right of it’s name, what kind of light was this, were they red, white, or amber? A supplemental tail light?

Thanks for the response

Post a photo, I’m not sure what you mean.

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Thanks for the reminder; uploaded, but not posted, I apologize.

That looks like a turn signal with an amber bulb.

Ha, I even remembered the stock number, 1156A:

Amber turn signal on a 1970 American car?! In that era, I saw them on European, and Japanese cars, not American cars.

Working at a gas station in the early '70s I remember replacing those bulbs…

Took a look, amber was required in front, allowed in back starting in '63.

It’s just part of the taillight, a styling trick to maximize the perceived width of the car.

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Thank you old_mopar_guy, this answer makes a lot of sense. GM wanted them (Buicks, Caddys, Olds) to be the largest passenger cars, outside of a limousine. 225 inches long, and as wide as an NFL field. Buick was the car to buy. We weren’t so concerned about MPG at the time either.

But it is amber (bulb), clear lens, so it’s a turn signal, right?

We are looking at the lamp on the quarter panel extension, the turn signal, it is separate form the taillight.

Those appear to be the backup lights.

A couple sources verify that the p/n on the box is the backup lens.

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They were 80" wide, any wider would have required truck clearance lights.

Back in the day you were big stuff in the 'hood to drive a deuce-and-a-quarter.

I think you’re right @Bugmenot , it’s the backup light. Wonder why it looks like it has an amber bulb in there?