140,000miles, so beyond maintenance log schedule

How do I know when to have what maintenance done when my 1999 Honda Odyssey is almost at 140K miles and the maintenance schedule log in the manual doesn’t go that high? It runs just fine and has been regularly maintained. Husband wants to sell and get a new minivan before problems begin, but we usually drive cars til they die.

You should be able to tell from the schedule which items are completed every 7,500 miles, every 15,000 miles, every 30,000 miles, etc. Create a spreadsheet that continues where your maintenance schedule leaves off.

Agree; the maintenance goes on the same, just keep doing the tasks by the previous intervals. A timing belt change, if ordered at 105,000 in the book, should be done again at …210,000 miles.

Many cars wear out prematurely because the owners stop maintaining them. A Honda Odessey is easily good for 300,000 miles but it requires maintenance, key ones are a transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles (this may NOT be in the book), and regular cooling system service.

A relative of mine still has his 1987 Honda Accord, which is getting a little rusty but otherwise mechanically fit at over 300,000 miles.

I agree with Docnick - I have a Toyota 4-runner with 167,00 miles and all I’m doing is just rolling back to the recommended maintenance services in the owner’s manual at the proper intervals. A guy at the shop where I get my maintenance done has a 2000 4-runner like mine with 275,000 on it - and that’s all he does. So you can keep it going. You may have to recover the seats and buy a few knobs and dials for cosmetic purposes, but you can theoretically go 300K + if you pay attention to the maintenance schedule intervals.