Happy 100,000th Mile Anniversary, Old Paint...`

My double-ought Odyssey crossed the 100K mark on her odometer about 20 miles north of Harrisburg PA, on I-85 Southbound at 0600 local time 24 August 2008.

Now, the question - I hear that cars with high mileage require special maintenance. What do I need to do to keep the Ody on the road for another 100K miles?

Other than some basics mentioned in the owners manual the areas I take issue with, very seriously, are transmission fluid change intervals and valve lash adjustments.

I believe that trans fluid is best changed every 30k miles and the valve lash adjustment should be inspected/adjusted as needed every 30k miles at the latest also.

Odds are this has not been done by you because you’re following the owners manual.
The owners manual, especially in regards to valve lash, is seriously misguided to put it mildly. Honda Motor Co. made a very bad recommendation in regards to valve lash by recommending 100k miles + inspections.

Gambling odds are that most owners won’t have an engine problem, but for the percentage that do it’s a pricy repair and a regular inspection would have prevented it.

The criticial thing is looking at your owners manual.

However if you have not already performed this at 105k miles your timing belt is due and is pricey to change, do it!

At 100k miles…you may need to start replacing worn parts. Shocks/Struts…Muffler…Battery…No other special car is required. Just keep up your normal maintenance and don’t let things like Shocks/struts get too worn.

Your owner’s manual will tell you everything you need to keep this vehicle running for another 100K. There is no “special” high-mileage maintenance required, nor is there any “special” high-mileage oil. 100K is no longer high mileage. 300K is high mileage.

You may have been on Interstate 81 or 83, but there’s no Interstate 85 near Harrisburg, PA.

Got that timing belt done at 90K miles - and yes, they replaced the pump dealie that goes with it. :wink:

100,000 is that all ? '05 Exlporer in the shop today…329543 miles. Same company has '03- 382518, '02- 449880, '03 -347108, and '05- 228153. A great regular customer of ours, a marine veteran Navajo Code Talker, '97 f150- 341316. The point being to just keep 'er maintained like usual and happy trails.:slight_smile:

And now a '99 e150 - 352705.7

100,000 miles young (Did you say high miles?)

That new timing belt and what must be a new water pump and your regular maintenance should easily take you to the next 100 grand.

Give that “Old Paint” a wax job if you haven’t recently or make Ody a
Detail Shop appointment for the big Anniversary gift.

Remember, your car is just approaching middle-age. It’s only as old as it feels.

Dang. You’re absolutely right.

It was 1-81 through Daughin County, PA. That’s within spitting distance of Harrisburg.

So what’s the high mileage car? Surely you don’t think 100K is high mileage? Really, it’s not. You need to double it to really start considering it high mileage these days. Stick to the basic stuff in the owners manual and don’t try to skate by without a timing belt replacement and all should be fine for a long time yet.