2010 Odyssey: 100k Recommended Service Help

Hello! Just bought a 2010 Honda Odyssey Touring with 101k. This is a two owner, with Carfax showing it was meticulously maintained and serviced at a Honda dealer. The only exception that I’m aware of so far is the timing belt has not been replaced, which I plan on doing immediately. I’m wondering what other major maintenance I should have done, or verify has been done at this mileage? Thank you!

Just wondering here. Would a Honda dealer print out the history or at least verify what services had been performed.

Yeah, if all the work has been done at a Honda dealer, they ought to be able to print you a list of the recent services.

I’d compare that to whatever is recommended in the owners manual for this age/mileage, and remove the services that have been done recently. Go from there.


The timing belt replacement is 105,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. I’d guess it was not done, given the age, mileage, and sales date. You need the belt, water pump, coolant and serpentine belt at least. We like to argue about replacing the timing belt idler, pulley, and oil seals. I did not have the idler, pulley, or oil seals replaced in 2012 when I had the timing belt replaced in my 2005 Accord EX V6, and had no problems in 2017 when I sold the car to a dealer. It didn’t use oil or make noises. In fact, the dealer remarked how well the engine ran. I say this so you can decide whether to replace that extra stuff or not. I paid $700 at the dealer, and they said that they would inspect the idler, pulley and engine seals and let me know if they needed replacement.

I worry when I hear it was meticulously maintained by a Honda dealer. I would want to see the list of what they did and then start checking off items. Really though I think you need to check about everything like the serp belt, hoses, battery, trans fluid change every 30K, antifreeze change, etc. Likely they would have maintained things like tires and brakes but I would worry that maybe the oil changes were extended a little. But yeah you really gotta take a look at everything to get it up to snuff so you know the base line from there.

Second on my list after the timing belt would be a transmission fluid change, using Honda fluid.

If it was well maintained there’s nothing needing doing now presumably besides what you are already aware of , the timing belt. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, you can download it from the Honda website I expect. That will have the maintenance schedule as recommended by Honda, both for severe service and normal use. Note that most people’s cars quality for severe service, b/c they drive mostly short trips. Normal use is driving on the freeway 30 or 40 miles or more every day.

If I had just purchased that car I wouldn’t rely on any claims of prior maintenance, and presume everything needed to be done, just so I knew it was really done . Besides the timing belt, water pump, etc

  • Replace coolant
  • Replace thermostat
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Visual inspection of all four wheel’s brakes, checking pad thicknesses, disc dimension, inspect shoes, drums, self adjusters, etc
  • Replace transmission fluid and filter
  • Replace power steering fluid
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Passenger compartment air filter
  • Tire condition, and tire pressure, including spare tire. Age too. Tires over 6-7 years old should be replaced.
  • Coolant hose inspection
  • Drive (serpentine) belt inspection
  • well, you get the idea
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Well, except if the dealer prints out the maintenance record showing it was done, right?

If I trusted the dealer explicitly I guess. Doing all that stuff looks like a bigger job than it actually is, at least for a diyer.