2005 Honda Odyssey Maintenance Schedule

I’ve searched the archives for suggestions on a maintenance schedule. Many replies question why an owner wouldn’t follow the recommended maintenance interval chart in the owner’s manual. It’s because there isn’t one! I’ve searched the Honda website and other internet sources and they all say to follow the electronic maintenance minder. There is not a mileage-based schedule that is readily available. My van has 80,000 miles and we have kept up with the oil changes, etc. What next? Thanks!

You might check a site like Edmunds.com. I think they have maintenance schedules posted on their but as per the usual, it’s debateable whether those schedules or even the ones in a factory manual should be adhered to.

There are a number of things that should be serviced more often than what is recommended. Fuel filter changes, automatic transmission flud changes, spark plug changes, and the all important and usually overlooked valve lash inspection/adjustment.

The car makers are not always correct in regards to their maintenance sugguestions and the reason for this is simple; marketing, sales, and perpetuating the illusion that your vehicle is near maintenance free.

“perpetuating the illusion that your vehicle is near maintenance free” I like that summary. That is exactly how I began to feel while on the Honda website. Like the Maintenance Minder electronic sensors are so sensitive and in tune with your driving habits that it will catch any problems before they arise! and just how much maintenance does a Honda really need anyway??? (they want you to think) Thanks for the reply. It gives us astarting point.