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"13 Accord Sport mirror issue

My drivers side mirror seems to have some type of film on it. Every time I try to remove it, it shows back up. I didn’t put any chemicals on the mirror except glass cleaner. Our WI winters are harsh and it’s dangerous for me to drive and to not be able to see clearly through the mirror. Any help is appreciated!

Film or salt residue? I was up that way last winter in South MN. I purchased a bottle of Invisible Glass to keep the side windows and mirrors clear. All that salt gets over everything. I ran my truck through the car wash twice when I got back to GA to insure all that salt is off the undercarriage.

hmmm … well sometimes those car washes spray wax too, maybe there’s a wax film that got on the mirror from the car wash. & it could be just that the mirror is defective. Have you taken to the dealership, see what they say. Maybe you could test drive another of their new cars on the lot, see if it has the same problem. There’s a couple of chemicals you could try that might remove certain films on glass, but don’t use anything w/out first consulting with the dealership. Could void the warranty.

It’s not salt residue because I ran it through a car wash and the fog/film is still on the mirror. It’s something that can’t be rubbed out. I tried Imvisible Glass, etc…

I would hate to bring it to a dealers just yet. I’d rather find out what’s causing it.

The mirror is heated mirror along with the turn signal circuit.

I bet the heater failed in the mirror.


Actually the mirror isn’t heated and there isn’t a turn signal.

Then take it to the dealer, and have the mirror replaced for a safety issue.

They should do it for free.


Try waxing it.

2013 isn’t just about everything still under warranty? Let the dealer figure it out or just replace it.

Isopropyl worked

Isopropyl alcohol is my solvent of choice whenever I have a greasy film on the windshield.
Just be sure that it doesn’t drip onto the paint when you use it.


Just a caution here, your mirror may have an anti-glare coating on it. Always clean it with an alcohol based cleaner, never with a glass cleaner that contains ammonia. The ammonia causes the film to become cloudy. You may have inadvertently removed this anti-glare coating by now.

No it’s fine. Isopropyl made it clear.