Film on the outside of a Subaru Legacy windshield


My daughter has a 1998 Subaru Legacy sedan that we bought used last August. There is an oil-like film on the outside of the windshield that is driving her nuts When she turns on her windshield wipers it smudges and gets blurry. Any suggestions for removing it?


Get some Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover. It will clean it off and you can use it on other painted areas also if needed. Great stuff.


Any chance this film could be hot coolant being released under pressure from a leak; maybe even an external head gasket leak, and it could be wafting out from under the rear edge of the hood?

The same effect can be had when a heater core leaks inside the car with the only difference being that the film is on the inside of the glass.

You might check the rear underside of the hood and the upper firewall and note if any of that has a film on it.


From reading this forum, somebody may have used rain-x and the film will go away in time.


I agree that rainx is the most likely problem. It will wear off, or you can take it off. It is a pain to get off. Most solvents don’t touch it. Don’t try anything that might scratch the windscreen. The most effective I have found is the Original YELLOW can of BonAmi cleanser. Do not use the easier to find GOLD can it will damage your window.

You can also try various solvents, but be careful to keep them off the paint.


I have had good results cleaning glass with isopropal (rubbing) alochol. I would also replace the wiper blades.


If it happens to be the head gasket leak, are we screwed?


Does she park under trees?


itoo have a film on my windshield only it is on the inside and the outside of my windshield and everytime I clean it it fogs back up again. it really isnt noticible during the day but at night it makes it tough to see especially when headlights are coming at ya, someone suggested I try Rubbing Alcohol


I purchased a Subaru Legacy brand new in 1998 from a dealer in the Portland Metro area (Oregon). After they detailed the car I noticed a film on the windows when it rained. I couldn’t figure what caused it. A friend rode with me the next day and said that when they detailed the car, they sprayed the car with a coating, and didn’t cover the windows. I ended up taking the car back, as the only alternative was to replace all the windows (per the dealership). I don’t know how to tell you to get the film off. I just hope you didn’t end up with “that” particular car. Good luck.