Installing a new rearview mirror

The Vehicle: 2009 Honda Accord LX.

The New Mirror: Lanechanger III

The Old Mirror: Stock

Want to put LaneChanger III mirror in in place of stock mirror. No screw holding mirror to place. Instructions say use screwdriver to remove mirror. Sounds risky due to potential damage to windshield. Would like a little advice / feedback on installation from those who have gone before me.

Their website says “Quick and easy to install.” What could possibly go wrong?

I suggest you return the Lanechanger and live with the stock mirror. There is a mirror on each door. Learn to use the side mirrors (correctly adjusted), in conjunction with the rear view mirror, and you won’t need a Lanechanger.

Crack the windshield on a 2009 Accord and you’re in for a big repair bill.

The factory mirror is glued to the windshield. Mess with this bond at your peril.

A valid point! OK I’m getting my new license plates from the dealer in a week or so. Think maybe they’ll stick it on for me if I ask real nice?

There Must Be A Plastic Cap Covering The Screw Or Something Of That Nature.

There are multiple ways that rearviews get attached. One of the more common is a metal mounting plate glued to the windshield. The mirror slides over this bracket and is held in place with a set screw. I have not seen the instructions but I’m sure they are not saying to pry/knock/scrape the thing off the windshield itself. You would unscrew the set screw and slide the mirror off of the bracket.

If I were you - yes - I’d take it and ask real nice at the dealer when you get the plates.

If the rear view mirror is the non-auto darkening type, the mirror is removed by turning the mirror mount 90 degrees and then sliding the mirror off the bracket.