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09 Murano Key Re program

Does anyone know how I can reprogram my 09 Murano Key. The battery died on it recently and when I had it replaced it appears to have messed with the programming. Also, Does this car have a fuze on the battery that can mess things up?


You need the special CONSULT-III enhancement device along with the proper scanner to reprogram the NATS system on your vehicle.

Or in other words, the vehicle has to brought to the dealer on a tilt-back tow truck.


A While Back You Posted A Link To An Article About Cars That Needed To Have The Battery Backed-up (electrical system energized) When Disconnecting/Replacing A Battery In Order To Avoid Problems (Of This Nature).

Is that what is going on, here ? That’s pretty sad because how does one back-up a battery when they don’t know it’s going to die ? An 09 is not all that old.

Some alarm clocks and home PCs have battery back-up. My 120v co detector has battery back-up. Should today’s complicated cars have battery back-up system to avoid this mess ?

By the way, I’d be tempted to buy what I needed to get this car going, rather than flat-bed it and pay a dealer. So, one has to buy a $300-$400 special CONSULT-III enhancement device along with the proper scanner to reprogram the NATS system on a Nissan ? What does a proper scanner cost ?

Is this typical from one make to another, the need for this equipment ? Are some cars easier than others ? Should they have back-ups ?

Nobody has responded to this question except you so, I thought I’d highjack it.


CSA. When you disconnect or allow a battery to go dead it can cause all sorts of problems on modern vehicles. Unfortunately, there’s nothing mentioned in owners manuals or even on some repair websites that provide that information. It would seem the manufacturers are keeping this information a secret. This is why I now make it habit to install a battery back-up to any vehicle when I disconnect a battery.

You’ve probably read this article?


Tester, Thanks. That Is The Information You Posted Some Time Ago. I Have It Some Place.

How About It ? Would It Be Practical For Manufacturers To Put In Battery Back-Up Capable Of Keeping The Modules Energized, Even If Not Sizable Enough To Start The Vehicle ?


Sure! It would be as easy if they would install a back-up battery or a capacitor so that power was never lost over an extended period of time when the main battery power is lost. But that would cost MONEY!