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Nissan Murano

So after my husband went and got an oil change, and after the mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the car “good choice on the vehicle”, he drives off, parks, comes out, and starts the car, only to make it 2 blocks. Now the vehicle is stranded on the side of the street. What the hell happened?!

Since you have given us no information, how on earth are we supposed to know?

Is this the new puzzler?

You really didn’t give us much to work with here. Details of the account are your greatest allies for getting help from us. Based on your description, “what the hell happened” could be anything from a flat tire or dead battery to total engine, transmission, or electrical system failure. We cannot speculate until you enlighten us further.

You got jinxed, now tell us more!

I’m guessing they forgot to put oil back in.

Have you tried consulting the Psychic Friends Network?

Mariamuse, tell us what year Murano and how many miles. How long have you owned the Murano? Did you or your husband notice any driviability issues, like engine missing or overheating? Give us more clues so we can help you.

1: Your engine and transmission are toast, cost will be about 10 grand to replace everything.
2: Your car ran out of gas
3: Your battery died
4: You forgot to disengage the parking brake
5: Someone stole your car and put a cardboard replica of it in it’s place
6: I have no idea what’s going on
7: You need to provide more detailed information. hint: just telling us it won’t start isn’t good, you need to tell us if it’s making any noises or if the lights are coming on; stuff like that
8: ???
9: Profit

Welcome to! No curmudgeons here, no siree!

Have you or your husband talked to the mechanic since the malfunction?

C’mon, guys. No need to get that sarcastic. It’s disrespectful.

Mariamuse, I Don’t Know A Nissan From A Bale Of Hay. They’re Not Sold Or Found Near Here. Was The Vehicle Performing This Way Before Your Husband Took It In Or Is This Something Out Of The Ordinary ?

Have the vehicle towed to a competent mechanic for evaluation. Explain the situation to the professional, just as you’ve done here. You’ll receive the advice you are seeking.


What Is The Vehicle’s Model-Year ?
Approximately How Many Miles Are On The Vehicle ?