2009 Nissan Murano won't start

Hi, I got up this morning (about 30 degrees, car out overnight), car started fine and I went to get gas. Left power on (no engine running) while I filled up. When I hit the start button, the starter whirred, the brake pedal was hard and different warning lights came on. Turned on inside lights, they flickered and I couldn’t turn them off. Then could. At first, couldn’t get it in neutral and then could. Could hear clicking like my turn signal was on but it wasn’t. I pressed and held the key fob and different lights came on but still couldn’t start. Variations of me trying things and different lights went on for little while. Had it towed to dealer and they are stumped. Battery is fine. But still dead in the water. Help!!!

Disconnect battery.
Recharge battery fully.
Reconnect battery.
Try to start the car.

Should work.


Thanks so much. If that works, do you think the problem will come back?

Probably not.
This pops up sporadically on the Nissan Forums I frequent, but have never seen anyone complain of this condition chronically with the same car.