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Fried electrical brain

2006 Nissan Murano w/ 32,000 mi (30,000 mi maintenance service done) owe $6,247 on it now.

Had not used car for two days, tried to start car and battery was dead. Neighbor jumped it and it ran for 30 mins. Drove it to neighborhood store, stopped, shopped and started the car up, drove to nearby restaurant to pickup take out and battery was dead again. Asked guy to jump my battery, he put the cables on wrong way and sparks flew and melting cables removed another guy got his cables and jumped it correctly. I drove to Nissan dealership and service rep said the computer that handles scheduled maintenance, A/C, radio, CD and rear camera is fried and probably needs to be replaced and is not under warranty now. BUT the battery was replaced and car is drivable.

Is the car worth fixing? Will there have been other damages that we don’t see now but will be discovered later because of the electrical surge? Should I just pay off the car, trade it in and buy a new one?

*** HELP ! ***

You got out of this with very little damage. The only thing I would be missing is the AC. The diagnosis “probably is fried” needs to be made firmer. Was this just a service drive opinion or did a mechanic check it out and this is the actual diagnosis.

If this “computer” is $200.00 (or set your own cut off price) I would replace it and consider yourself lucky.

Selling a car with no AC and no radio will be tough,you will take a big hit.

To bad you came clean on the cause,could you go to another Dealer and play dumb :wink:

The ECM will cost about $800. Labor should not be more than an hour or two, depending on where the ECM is located. You should repair the Murano and see if it needs anything else afterward. If you buy a comparable vehicle, it will cost $30,000 plus the balance of the loan. From a money standpoint, repairing this car is your cheapest solution. Let us know how it works out.

BTW, the part must be genuine Nissan, but the shop doesn’t have to be. Get an estimate from the dealer and from a reputable independent garage or two. I’d opt for a new ECM rather than surplus, but you might find a used one for much less than $800.

Thanks for quick reply! I will keep your advice in mind while we mull over the situation.

A/C is stuck in “ON” mode but nothing can be controlled. If I pay off the car, I would turn it into the dealership for a trade in (if they give me one) and buy a new one OR donate the old car and get a new Nissan. We really like the ride, creature comfort of the Nissan not to mention our local Nissan dealership.

Thanks for the reply! I might just go the dealership replacement route.

I am not so sure its the ECM, why? because the car still runs,perhaps its the BCM (Body Control Module) which does as it is named,controls the cars bodily functions:)

The diagnosis you got may be correct but I am a little skeptical because of the things you stated that are not working. Check the condition of fuse 38 in the fuse and fusible link block.

Okay, I will mention it to the service person. Thanks for your reply.