09 ford focus

I bought a focus back in 2013 its been vibrating since i bought it. Didnt think it was an issue. In 2014 i had the cars ecm reprogrammed and the safety switch replaced. That april i had the spark plugs amd wirrs replaced. In the fall of 2014 i had the torque strut mount and transmission mount replaced to fix the vibration, didnt work. Ive had several mechanics take a look

Mechanic A: its internal issues
M-B: its the main motor mount
M-C: the a/c is over charged
M-D: the belt tenchener needs to be replaced

I haven’t tried fixing any of those response cause i dont have the money to investigate (all mechanics didnt charge me to look at the car)

I found this link with someone else with the same issue http://www.fordforums.com/f166/2009-ford-focus-vibration-problems-186538/

Any suggestions?

M-C: the a/c is over charged

Well, we can at least eliminate this if it still vibrates with the a/c or defrost OFF.

Does the OP say the motor vibrates with ac on? But is is smooth with ac off?

The mechanic ruled out the a/c but disconnecting the power cord. So i didnt want to try the gauge my self to check the pressure

Does it vibrate at idle in PARK? Worse when stationary in DRIVE?

The vibration doesn’t change after shifting into drive, reverse, or neutral. But this winter it sounded worse when it got really cold.

Does the frequency of the vibration follow engine RPM (higher RPM, faster “buzz”)?

Yes i actually watched the arpms and when it get close to 1000 the vibration sounds smoother but gets to 700 sound more spread out ( this is just sitting in the car not moving) i would attach a video but my phone wont let me

So there is definitely a sound and a vibration you can feel (where?) that goes with it, right?

here it is

I’m showing an empty file.

Yeah i cant get my phone to download load the video

When we are driving you can here the vibration coming from the engine with thw stearing wheel shacking, and the driver seat becomes a vibrator seat, as we slow down you can feel it in the passanger seat.

Have you rotated your tires recently? If not, do it and see if the vibration changes.

I believe they were when we got the new tires

But is been doing this since i bought the car from main motors

Does the vibration change as you slowly ease off or ease on the gas (i.e., go from decelerating to accelerating)? Try it a few times. This could be a big clue. You might have both an engine and a driveline vibration.

Yes. Once i reach 60-70 mph, the vibration seems to stop. At any other speeds, rhere’s significant vibration, especially at idal.

Insightful asked:
“Have you rotated your tires recently?”

The OP replied:
“I believe they were when we got the new tires”

That response actually makes no sense.
Tires are typically rotated every 5k miles, or every 7.5k miles, or–at the most–every 10k miles.
How would one “rotate” tires that are being installed for the first time?


We had the new tires replaced in February of this year and havent has them checked since then.