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2000 ford focus

I noticed a bad vibration when my car is ideling. I mean it is bad, the steering wheel, the side mirrors, even the hub caps. i can feel it in my foot and hands as i drive some on the interstate but mainly at the stop lights and in park. I took it to be looked they put their hand on the engine and the engine was smooth they say the vibrations is coming from inside the transmission. At 1st they thought it needed transmittion mounts but that not it. ANY SUGGESTION AT WHAT MAKING MY CAR VIBRATE @ 80,000 MILES??

A failed engine/transmission mount is highly likely. Did the shop you took it to say the mounts were fine?

yeah, they thought it was the E/T mounts, but they are fine. The vibration is stronger then the mount can asourb. I have been using the same guys for years and they said they had another focus doing the same thing. My cousin drove my car back in May and she told me your car is riding ruff. I though it was the aging process.

Did Everybody Take A Really Good Look At Those Mounts?

Specifically, Ford says to closely check the rear engine roll restrictor for little stones, debris, dirt, etcetera. They claim that material can collect or lodge in this “mount” and cause vibration. They say if it’s there, clean it out. They even make and sell a shield to keep it clean, part #2M5Z-16102-AA.

I can’t tell you that this is what is going on in your Focus, but if it gets in the air for some reason, have the restrictor checked for debris, not just the part’s condition. By the way, Ford says the vibration can be more pronounced in reverse.


is there a cahnce it could be Harmonic balancer. A guy i know called a transmission place and they said it did sound like the transmission it sounds more like a problem with harmonic balancer, this will cause the car to vibrate bad. The only problem is that it is really hard to get to and you can’t see it by just looking under the hood.

I’m Pick’n Up _____ Vibrations! Please Insert Adjective.

I found an article. Click the link: