Ford Focus

I have a 2009 Ford Focus SE with about 55K miles on it. I took it in last week complaining of a serious vibration at idle. They told me about this “service shield” that Ford recommended in a Tech bulletin TSB 08-24-9. The part was $281.00 to install but I still have a vibration. They said all the motor mounts look good. I am really at a loss here, it is still vibrating. Someone recommended putting premium gas in. I love everything else about this car but this vibration at idle.

Are you saying that they charged you $281 to install it? I’d bring it back, tell them to take the part back and refund my $$. Or was this under warranty? If they aren’t putting it under warranty, then after you try to get your money back just take it to a good, local, independent mechanic.

It appears to be that the service shield itself doesn’t do a thing for vibration. They are supposed to clean some form of mythical debris out of one of the engine mounts (the “rear engine roll restrictor”). The shield would then be installed to prevent more debris from getting in there. So do you know whether they actually inspected and found debris? Or were they just looking to pick up a few hundred bucks?

From the Escort through all the Focus models, these cars have been legendary for this kind of problem.

Premium gas won’t do a thing.

It was $218 for the part 40 bucks and some tax. I am feeling that didn’t a dang thing. I don’t know if they found debris. What is worse is today when I took it back to them. They said take it to Ford and have them look at it. I am not taking it to them, they take you arm your leg and then some. Dealerships are just money takers. Do you know if the motor mounts go bad after some time or do you have any suggestions as to what maybe to replace? I just can’t understand why there would be so much vibration and now it sounds like two boards flapping together on the passenger side.




So this work was done at a regular shop? Did the service writer mention why you brought the car in on the paperwork? Because if you said fix the vibration and they didn’t then you have a case. But if they just offered the bulletin work for the sake of completion then it is tough. I think this should be easy enough for a good mechanic to figure.
if the original store does not accept that they did shoddy work, then you can go somewhere else, when the car is fixed come back to the original store and ask for a refund. This is a bit difficult to do but I have done it.

Like I said call the Ford District manager!!! If this is a scam… Ford has the bucks to take them to court for fraudulent repairs.

If you read closely the poster eludes that Ford is not involved whatsoever with this. Its a local shop.

The $280 is part or labor? The TSB you posted lists warranty labor on this as 0.3hr.

I took it to Commercial Tire and had them work on it. They did the repair work. It didnt do anything at least to me. I took it recently to another mechanic I trust who told me any service shield can’t hurt. He said it may not have solved your problem but it is good overall for the car. I have googled the vibration and some other forums stated that a good place to start is three places: I’ll clean the MAF (Mass AirFlow) sensor. This is actually a maintenance item that get’s neglected and should be done every year or two. While it’s running rough I’ll LIGHTLY tap the IAC (Idle Control Valve) to see if the idle changes for the better. If so, I’ll either clean or replace the IAC (its mounted on the throttle body). Then if the rough idle is still there (usually is) I’ll check EVERY vacuum hose under the hood. The hose that goes from the PCV valve (on the cam cover) down behind the engine develops a hole. If this hose feels gummy or oily, replace it and your idle will be as smooth as a Ford 4 cylinder can get.

How do you tell if a mount is bad? Would injector cleaner help? I have been watching the RMP dial, it goes up and down, alot at idle, it acts as if it isn’t getting enough gas. I checked the air filter, it looks good. I really am at a loss. My trusted mechanic says it is just the nature of the focus. I feel like I am in a vibration chair. I am seriously thinking about trading it in. But there goes saving on the gas mileage.