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My daughter has a 2000 Ford Focus Automatic with about 50k miles on it.

When it is cold, there is a relatively loud vibration when it is in Park, Reverse, to a lesser degree Neutral, but it goes away when in Drive. Once the vehicle warms up, nothing in any “gear”.

I have checked the tranny fluid, and that’s apparently not the issue.

Any ideas?

OK, After doing more digging, I hear “engine mounts” pretty clearly. Any other suggestions?

Which is it? “Noise” or “Vibration” …You FEEL vibration. You HEAR noise…If you hear it more than feel it, check for loose heat shields on the exhaust system…

It’s a combination of both, but maybe more noise than vibration. I wouldn’t think that a heat shield would create that level of vibration, but I’ll be sure to check it. Thanks!