09 ford focus

Okay, with the engine OFF, open the hood and see if you can move the top of the engine forward and backward. Put some muscle into it. It should barely move. Then, idling, in PARK, emergency brake ON, look and see if the engine is shaking.

@adondria42 You really need to get your own problems solved and stop jumping on other threads that are not related to your problems.

Did you purchase this car new? What type of transmission does it have? The reason I ask is that there have been some complaints about vibration & shudder here about a type of Ford transmission that uses dual-clutch technology. But from what I understand that problem has been mostly resolved by the dealership reprogramming the transmission shift strategy software.

If this has been a problem since you bought it you should have gone back to the dealer and insisted that they do something. If they refuse have the Ford district Rep involved or, take it to another Ford dealer that is interested if fixing this under warranty like they should. Just because you buy it from dealer X does not mean that you are stuck with them. Any ford dealer must provide warranty work for you.

If the car is still under warranty., take it to another dealer.


@ insightful the engine doesn’t tilt. But i will give that a try tomorrow

@GeorgesanJose I didnt buy the car new i bought it used, it was a lease vehicle in Florida. Im bought in it here in Minnesota. I dont know what kind of trans i have but will look into it

Since it vibrates at idle, we can safely eliminate the tires and the rolling stock.

I should add that you’ve had a number of mechanics look at it, all of them did so for free, and you state that you have no intention of getting it fixed. I don’t support this behavior. At some point you’re going to really need one of these mechanics and they may just decline to look at your car… and rightfully so. What you’re doing is unfair to them. They’re not diagnosing and fixing cars for a hobby, they need to make income. They deserve to be compensated for their efforts.

As regards the problem itself, there are a lot of things that can cause a vibrating engine, including but not limited to erratic ignition, uneven compression, sticky valves, sticky injector, and a bad harmonic damper. If your engine has a “balance shaft” (many modern engines do), that may even have been mistimed at some point (you did, after all, buy the car used).

I think that until you’re ready to actually pay a shop to diagnose and repair the problem, you’re just going to have to live with it. Sorry.

I no longer have the warrnty on the car it expired after putting 30,000 miles on it. We got it at 85,000 miles. There is 180,000 miles on it now. I didnt take the car to ford for the vibration, i did when the car started having the anti-theft light and the battery shutting off. With the warranty i was charger $500 for reprogramming and replacement of a neutral saftey switch. After that i didnt have the money to look into it and didnt unstand the point of having warranty that was suppose to be bumper to bumper

Sincere apologies. The actual scenario was unclear to me, and I made some assumptions that I should not have.

These aftermarket warranties are a farce. I’m sorry you got burned by one.

Regarding the engine, someone will have to do some tests, like a compression test, a vacuum test, and a few others to sort it out. Well equipped shops have “accelerometers” that they can stick to suspect parts and, using the output signals from the accelerometers, actually measure vibration, but a good mechanic can often locate the source without getting too technical in his testing.

Do you have a friend who’s handy with tools and reasonably knowledgeable? Perhaps he/she could join the thread and we could help him/her find the problem. Usually these things turn out to be not terribly complicated.

@“the same mountainbike” i do pay my mechanics. The M-A is one that installed the trans mount and torque mount i paid him quite a bit for that but he chose not to charge me for the dignosing it being internal issues after not stopping the vibration. I go to him all the time to have regular maintenance on my car. M-B said he wanted a challenge but said since he couldn’t actually tell what was wrong and was making a guess didnt charge me. M-C made a suggestion about the vibration while he was changing my transmission filter and flushing the system. I never asked him to investigate the vibration. M-D is my bf brother who thinks he is right about everything and doesnt have a certification in fixing cars but works for NTB. Im willing to fix the problem but i need to get the money to do it. So in the mean time im trying to get advice

One thing that is easy to do for someone experienced w/repairing cars is with the car parked and hood open, to bump the rpm while watching the engine. The engine/transmission will rock back and forth due to the rotational inertia impulse from the rpm change. Someone experienced can tell just by looking if it is rocking back and forth more than would be expected.

I believe this Focus has liquid filled motor mounts

And I’ve seen them leak quite frequently on these cars

Is it visibly leaking?

No its not leaking, but ive been told it would need to be recalibated. But im sure the mechanic who put in the first two mounts did that

I found this on YouTube but ive already replaced the mounts what would be next?

The M-A is one that installed the trans mount and torque mount...

If this video accurately demonstrates your vibration, it’s probably a mount. You replaced two, but there are one or two more.

There is the motor mount but it i was tlod its fine and not fine. I bought the part but no one want to put in the part i bougyt. The mount under the hood look and feel fine. I cant shack the engine like the guys could on YouTube

Was going to have the main motor inatalled today but the machnic sais since the vibration is on the driver side and not on the passenger side where the mount is. He want me to get a full diagnostic done on the car, i dont have a light on

Have you replaced this engine mount?:

That’s the liquid filled mount, the one I was talking about

The one that commonly leaks

Yes i know and its still has its liquid. The mechanic couldbt get the engine to move at all, with it off and running. He checked spark plugs and watched the engine as the they changed gears of the car