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07 Honda Civic - Noises

Hi there! I’m brand new to the forums. I own an 07 Honda Civic with about 55k miles on it. It hasn’t had any issues except in the past few weeks it has been making a squeaking noise when I accelerate. It has gotten worse lately. I haven’t notice any difference in the way the car drives (it idles kind of rough, but that’s not a big deal).

I usually take the bus, so most times my car sits for a few days at a time. My brother in law said it could be one of the belts on the motor from sitting. He said I should put some Ivory soap or something on the belt to moisturize it.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Do you think it’s worth taking it to get checked out?

Thanks - let me know if you can help or need more information.

Yes, the squeak could be belt related, but the belt itself isn’t the only thing in the belt system that can squeak. It runs along a host of pulleys.

Then there are about 100 other things on a car that can squeak. So if you want to figure out what it is then the first step is to get more of an idea about where it is coming from. One simple thing is just to pop the hood & listen while the car is revved some. If the squeaking truly only occurs when the car is actually in motion (accelerating) that at least narrows things down a little.

Don’t put soap on your belts.

a worn or loose belt is usually a high pichted squeal that gets better as the engine gets warm. where is it coming from? does it happen in neutral? can you pop the hood and have a friend hit the gas and try to pinpoint it? more info is needed to help.

p.s. don’t put soap on your belts