Honda Civic Squealing Noise

Hello Friends at Car Talk,

My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (manual) makes a loud squealing noise (like an unhappy pig) between the speeds of about 25 and 45. It usually starts making the noise once the car has warmed up (but does not always make the noise). It makes the noise when the car is coasting but not when I accelerate or brake. The noise seems to be coming from somwhere in the front end. I took the car into the dealer but they charged me $80 and didn’t fix the problem. Thank for any suggestions you can give me!

Did you have anyone check the belts? I don’t know what else it could be. If the dealer charged you and didn’t find the problem take it back. This time make sure you are with them to point out the sound surfing the test drive.

Hope it all works out for you.

Look at your belts…one of them could be loose…but with a Hybrid in play here it could be the electric motors making a whining or whistling type of noise.

I am a gear-head…so I can help you with ANY part of a traditional car… When you add the Hybrid system into the mix…then there are potential sources of this noise that I wont be too familiar with.

All of us on here will say to check the belts first… Check them yourself… see what you get.

If you don’t have a loose belt, then it may be something related to the electric motor in your Hybrid…


Thank you Newpoint95 and Honda Blackbird! I’ll check the belts and let you know.

What exactly did the dealer say that they did? Did someone at least drive it & reproduce the noise? What did they say about it?

My 99 Civic may have had the same syndrome. The clutch linkage squeaked: the lever that’s controlled by the clutch cable rotates on a shaft - you can’t see the place that squeaks because it’s inside the clutch housing, under a rubber boot. I was able to fix it by prying out the boot and spraying lubricant onto the area. I have to do it every couple years.

One test you can do is to operate the clutch pedal while the car is sitting with the engine off. If you hear a squeak from the front of the engine area, it may remind you of the noise you hear while driving. My car made the squeak especially when driving up hills. Lubing it fixed the noise, both at rest and underway.

Shanonia you are describing a squeaking clutch slave pivot arm… That’s pretty basic…with this persons Hybrid system it could invite a whole slew of things that I am not personally familiar with. As far as squealing…we all think belts right off the bat…and indeed it very well may be a belt…they are going to check into this…

What this person is describing is definitely not a squeaking pivot arm…But hey…nice work in finding and fixing your issue…Most people would have never figured that out…either by lack of interest or lack of bravery…so Nice work.