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2010 Honda Civic Squealing Noise while Accelerating and Turning

I have a 2010 Honda Civic with about 67,000 kms. There’s a mechanical squealing noise that’s started over the last week when I accelerate and turn. It’s coming from all 4 wheel areas. It only seems to disappear when I brake. Although if I run/accelerate the car for longer than 5 mins, it disappears as well. Additionally, there’s a stretching/groaning noise from the tire area when I reverse. I’m thinking it’s probably shock or suspension related. Just wanted to get any other thoughts?

Brake(s) down to the wear indicators?

Not that I can tell yet.

That’s almost certainly your serpentine belt being loaded down beyond its ability to maintain traction by your power steering pump. Either your serp belt needs changing, your belt tensioner is weak, or your power steering pump is low on fluid or weak.

The groaning noise is a bit harder to diagnose. Someone knowledgeable will probably have to hear it to begin to know where to look. It probably is suspension related, but if it is it probably isn’t serious, perhaps just a tired bushing… or maybe a worn out strut.