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07 Camry cd player not displaying track or title info

The single disk cd player in my 07 Camry will not display the cd title information, track number or song title. It simply stopped displaying this information. The cd plays fine. It says “loading”, then 'reading disk" and finally simply “CD”. I tried several cd’s and the title, track or title is not displayed. I checked the owners manual but there is no mention of how to fix this problem. I made an mp3 cd and the cd player reads all the mp3 info but still will not read data on a standard cd. Is there a “reset” somewhere to restore normal operation? Thanks and have a nice day.

Have You Been Playing Country Music ? Try “Flushing” The CD Player With “Oldies” Rock & Roll !

Turn the volume up a bit.


If anyone else has this problem, I found the fix. I pulled the radio fuse and left it out a couple of minutes. The cd player is working as it should now.

This tip will also work for most home CD/DVD players and recorders if part of the electronic functions are missing. It’s just like rebooting a laptop or desktop computer. If your electronic device starts acting screwy… just reboot.