2018 Toyota Camry - USB audio

I ripped all of my cd’s onto my desktop using windows media player, then copied them onto a flash drive. plugged it into the usb port on my camry. when i select the usb source,nothing happens

Does your vehicle support USB music playing? Here are some options you may wish to consider, but you should closely read the manual and if the system seems out of whack, try calling your dealer by phone for help.

Did you rip your Cd’s to WMA or MP3 or some other format?

Most cars can only play MP3 audio files

What file system does your flash drive use? (If you need instructions on finding that, let us know.) According to your owner’s manual, only FAT16 and FAT32 are supported, so if it’s exFAT it presumably won’t work.

I bet the two above comments describe the problem - either file format or file system, or both.

Format with FAT32. WMP does not work well so use NERO and burn MP3 files. That will work.