2017 Toyota Camry - Infotainment issue

My cannot play data cds, but can play audio cds

What kind of data?


I know it’s taboo to says this, but, your owners manual will tell you what formats are acceptable and what formats are not.

Is there a USB port somewhere? See if it’ll play mp3 on a memory stick.

Hi @duncanhank09:
See pages 263 and 264 in your owners manual for the supported file formats that your Infotainment system supports.

There’s an online copy at:


It appears to not support multi session media. The disc must be finalized. Make sure it is a CD and not DVD media. ISO9660 and UDF <2.01 are supported file systems, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Does your player even recognize the files on the CD, even if it can’t play them? It only supports MP3 with limited sample rates, WMA, and ACC.

Don’t you want to move to a newer and more convenient technology, such as a USB stick or your phone, instead of juggling a bunch of discs?

Maybe the fragile USB port is already broken off?

If I hand out media to someone, I’ll give them a 50 cent decent quality disc, not a USB drive that starts at $5. Longevity is questionable on the new TLC flash media. I wouldn’t want my data to disappear after 10 years of storage in a hot car. It’s hard to find the better SLC/MLC flash drives. They have to be special ordered.

I’d much rather have a stick with 100 cds on it instead of 100 cds. Easy to replace if lost/broken, too. But I’ve never had one fail.

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My home cd player won’t play digital mp3 files either, but will of course play normal audio cd’s. To play mp3 files the cd player has to have extra hardware and software beyond what necessary for ordinary audio cds. There are cd players which will paly mp3 files of course. My inexpensive Sony DVD player will play mp3 audio files, common way I listen to Car Talk podcasts via my tv. So such a thing is definitely possible, but have to have a properly configured player in the car.

If you’re asking why, normal audio cd’s contain a digital sample of the sound wave for every sample (instant in time). I think the samples are at 40,000 Hz. So it takes a lot of CD space, like 500 MByte, for an album. In mp3 format the same album would take 50 MByte. MP3 files are compressed, so they don’t store an exact sample for every instant in the sound wave. Instead 9 of the samples are computed from each of the stored samples.

USB ports are quite robust. No moving parts, no tiny lasers, etc. The media itself is much more durable

And what will they play it on? Optical discs are going the way of the dodo. I haven’t used a CD for playback in about a decade. New cars don’t even have CD players anymore. Computers rarely come with an optical driver anymore.

I have a 128 MB flash drive that I bought back in 2005, it’s useless of course for use today, but not because it doesn’t work, it functions perfectly fine, it’s just that 128MB of storage isn’t much. Of course neither is the ~700 MB capacity of a CD. Solid state media is way more reliable and much more tolerant of abuse than optical discs. I’ve had flash drives survive repeated trips through the washing machine. I’ve had CD’s become unusable after a getting single scratch.

For car infotainment, which is the subject here, the type of memory in the flash drive is going to irrelevant, we’re not storing archival data here, it’s it’s more along the lines what whatever music the OP wants to listen to. So even if the flash drive craps out after 5 years, it’s not a big deal. You just buy another one and copy the music back over again.

They will pay for or provide the flash drive, take a disc and buy a drive to read it, or not get anything from me at all!

To be fair I have never had a flash drive fail. The ones from the last decade or less become read only after pathetically few writes, like 3000 writes. They can’t be used for any automated recording tasks.

I have a lot of used laptops where the USB port has been damaged by the device. It’s really annoying to have a laptop with a flash drive sticking out of it. The port gets broken very easily. If you have something in the USB port on a regular basis, it’s not a matter of if but when unless the laptop is permantly on a desk.

So your point is??

There is no writing to the drive or automated recording going on in a Camry. Again, So you point is??

Camry = Laptop, well it is portable LOL

Again not a laptop it’s a car. The USB drive and port don’t move around the cabin.

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