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06 Suzuki Forenza starts @ about 3100rpm in cold weather

It will start only in cold days and it does not have the check engine light. The dealership clear some codes, but they were not sure that the code had something to do with it. I have replace Spark plugs and wires. But that wasn’t it. And it just winter just start it here in minnesota.

any ideas.!!!

I would start by removing the IAC (Idle Air Control) and cleaning it. See if that makes a difference. How long does the engine rpm remain at 3100 rpm?

The dealership mechanic should look at the cold start data to determine what desired cold start RPM was in the computer. The computer may be set(possibly mistakenly) to rev the engine that high. At what temperature does the RPM run that high at startup?

Missileman)-IT only does if for a few seconds and it goes down to 2000 and slowly down to 1000.

-Rod Knox) I will ask them to look at that, The last codes that they reset were for the ECM. Well i would guess that it does it when it goes under 50Fh, Because it has not done it all summer.

Thank you both.