2007 Suzuki Forenza won't start

2007 Suzuki Forenza that will not start. No codes. Compression 150 all 4 cylinders, used starting fluid to see if it was a fuel problem. Not. Checked timing belt and ok. Installed new Cam Position Sensor while in there. New plugwires and coil pack. Just won’t start any other ideas?

Have you checked for spark?

Yes I have a good spark and a new coil and plugwires. Same plugs though. This was my first check with a P0300 fault code. Unspecified misfire. Found an intermittent spark from the coil and replaced it and checked the ohms on the plug wires and they were off the scale so I replaced them as well. It acts like it wants to spark at mid throttle but all that does is foul out the plugs. Thought it might be timing belt slipped a notch so I checked and timing is great. While I was in there I replaced the cam position sensor and still the same problem. Tried a small spray of starting fluid to see if it was fuel related and it is not. 150 psi compression in all four cylinders. I am confounded.No codes after I replaced the coil but still the same no start

So did the engine start when you did this? Or exhibit the same no-start condition?

How have you checked the spark? Strong spark to ground from one or more of the leads?

Decided to do ohms test on the spark plugs and found three bad plugs. Never seen this before but it started running rough first thing in the morning, then after dinner went to town and it ran even worse. Parked and went into a store and then it started and I put it in gear and it ran rough and went 50 yards and died. Really strange. But new plugs and it runs like a champ!

Contradicts your original post. So now it starts? So problem solved?

problem solved

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