2006 Zephyr excessive high idle speed with cold start

My 2006 Lincoln Zephyr revs up to about 2000 rpm with a cold engine start in cold weather (20 degrees F for example). The only way to slow it down, short of a 10 minutes warm up, is to shift it into gear and stomp on the brake. After purchasing the car in April, I took it to Ford for correction of the problem under warranty. They reported “reprograming the computer” per a Ford TSB. It slowed down a little bit but when it got cold again this winter it starts at full speed again. Such a high rpm at a cold start can’t be good for the engine or transmission–it even sounds bad. Any adjustments or suggestions?

Bring it back to the dealer. This is an unsafe condition that could very easily result in an accident. Under warranty, you brought the car back to the dealer and the problem was only lessened. It needs to be solved completely. Hang onto this like a pit-bull. Does the Toyota recall ring any bells?

I would say back to the Dealer and this time ask them to do it right…There are probably 3 or 4 temperature set points that need to be addressed. Not all service techs have the skills to do it…Offer to leave the car overnight so THEY can do the cold start…