Car Dies while Idling

I have a 2005 Suzuki Forenza that dies when I am idling in traffic or have come to a stop. Usually it will restart O.K. but sometimes it sputters and spurts before restarting. I have had the car in the dealership several times for this problem but no solution. The last thing they did was relearn the idle and recalibrate something. I have tried additive to gas to clean fuel injectors but nothing helps.

Can you prevent it from stalling if you slightly step on the gas pedal? Ifso, the problem could be with the idle air control circuit.


No it usually just dies without any warning.

Has the idle air control (IAC) been checked and cleaned by the dealership. It may be dirty and sticking. Or it may be dead/dying or have a wiring/power problem.

Thank you. I am taking it back to the dealership tomorrow. I asked them if they had checked the idle air control but they couldn’t tell me. I’ll try one more time with them. After that I have to find a new dealership/mechanic to take it to.