06 Sebring Cruise Control wonkiness

So. Got a 4-door 06 Sebring that I use to commute to work mainly, and just lately it’s been not working so hot. Basically, when I go to turn it on, sometimes it goes on and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes when I engage it, it switches off. Sometimes if it switches off and I shut the car down and start it back up again it will work again. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern that I can pick up on, it’s just capricious as all get-out. And given that I have a long commute over the highway, it’s a real pain.

I saw online someone mentioned trying to nudge the bake pedal all the way up and try to turn it on again, but this doesn’t seem to work. ANyone have any ideas? I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to working on my car, but I’ve done a few things, so I’m not afraid to get my hands greasy.

There are two likely problems. The brake light switch, would be the first thing to check, the next would be the clock spring and other contacts in the steering wheel.

I would look for a good local independent mechanic with experience.