I remember a car talk program about wheel bearings on saabs - something about it being difficult to detect problems. My saab is making sounds that could be bad wheel bearings but my mechanic (not a saab dealer) says they’re ok. I’d like to be able to tell him what Tom and Ray said, but am not sure what that was. Would a bad constant velocity joint make a similar sound? Didn’t have that checked.

You need to let us know what kind of sound you’re hearing. Grumbling, roaring, whining, clicking, knocking and if either of the 2 latter ones does get worse while cornering?

Also, you’re not going to get T and R on this board; just people who help people. And many far more qualified to answer your question than T and R are.

Besides what type of noise, under what kind of driving does it occur? Is it more pronounced when your are turning right? Left? Slow speed? Higher Speed? When driving straight? If you are driving straight, and put a little pressure on the steering wheel, left or right, does the sound change? If so, how? More? Less? Pitch, or volume, change?

It sounds almost like bad tires - gets faster or slower as you accelerate or decelerate. We actually did need new tires but the sounds is still there. It’s kind of a thumping noise that only the driver can hear and it’s not there all the time but when you do hear it it’s more pronounced when turning into a right hand curve at about 25-30 mph. and more noticable as you’re coming to a stop. When you’re going faster it sometimes sounds more like a grumble - like the car is making just a little more road noise than usual and it’s hard to detect unless you’re the person who drives the car all the time.

I mentioned Tom and Ray because I was hoping that someone who especially knows saabs might also have heard that show and remember their own reaction to it - along the lines of “oh yeah I’ve worked on a lot of saabs and know all about that problem”

Interesting that you mentioned a change in pitch because sometimes that’s all it sounds like, as if the engine has a deeper sounding pitch, like a grumble, but it’s definitely not an engine sound. Other times it’s a thumping that is more noticeable on a right hand curve.