06 Honda Accord...soggy carpet when use air conditioner

I have an 06 Honda Accord sedan…lately I have been having a rather serious problem with wet carpet after driving long distances with the air conditioner on.
It became so serious on a 4 hr trip in 90 degree weather that the carpet became so saturated that the water actually caused the (PCM) Power control module located beneath the center console to short out, causing the car to loose all power and stranding me in the middle of nowhere. The car was towed to the nearest Honda dealer and after a week they finally replaced the PCM. I had noticed wet carpet recently but not to this extent. I suspected some type of condesation from the air conditioner. The dealer dismissed this theory and implied that I had left the windows down in the rain, which was not the case. After getting the car back I conducted a test. After completley drying out the carpet, I took it on a road trip with the air on and sure enough the carpet was again soaked. The dealer could not explain this…so frutrated…anyone heard of this problem???

The drain tube under the evaporator is plugged up, a very common problem. It is easily cleared with a little compressed air. You must have been talking to a service writer at the dealer and not a mechanic. A mechanic would know this, service writers not so much.

BTW, if you have a cabin air filter, it is important to change it every 30k miles or so or you will aggravate this condition. The cabin air filter will keep debris from getting into the evaporator coils and under them where it clogs up the condensate drain. Condensate drain is the correct term.

Anybody at the dealership should have focused on the drain tube. Avoid dealerships unless your car is still under warranty.