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05 Pacifica wont turn over after thermostat replacement

I have an 05 pacifica wth 350,000 kms. I replaced the thermostat on the upper radiator hose. A quick easy 30 min job. Everything below the hose got wet when I removed it. I went to start my car afterwards and it tried to turn over but then turned right off, the battery started to drain, and there is clicking coming from the fuse box. The car wont turn over at all.

Many things got wet after removing the hose. Could it be that something got wet and needs to dry???

A good battery should be able to crank the engine for 5 minutes. It sounds like your battery was terribly weak and failed during that repair.

I had another vehicle jump my car for 10 minutes, still wouldn’t crank.
I used a voltmeter to check my battery after, it was 12.8, tried cranking my vehicle approx 10 times after and it went to 10.8.

I had no issues before changing the thermostat and having rad fluid come out of the hose everywhere.

12.8V is not enough to start an engine. I would buy a battery charger and charge your battery overnight. Take a reading in the morning and see how it goes.

Since when? , 12.8V is a fully charged battery, probably less then 2 years old.

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Test the battery voltage while the key is turned to the crank position. If the voltage drops below 10 volts the battery is likely bad. If the voltage does not drop more than .5v there is likely a poor connection somewhere.

Wet alternator? Short circuit - battery drain? What electrical components got wet?